Review “Bad Cop, Bad Cop”

Bad Cop, Bad Cop by Sable Grey

So this one was a fun fantasy!

Unlike previous reviews, this isn’t a Pleasure Club story so there’s no introduction setting it up, but there is a brief bit of exposition – Alise is returning to where she grew up in Mississippi for a family reunion and is hoping that she’ll bump into Evan and Greg, two brothers- and both her exes – who are now cops in her old town.

I liked that they already knew each other – and she’s presumably already had sex with them both? – but had separate lives now that Alise lives in Chicago, so they felt they could be uninhibited and act out their fantasies.

One minor quibble I had with this set up is that when she left home, she told the brothers she’d never come back (Why? We never find out. She clearly gets on okay with her family and isn’t running from anything, but hey.) They insist she will come back, and she says if she does she’ll fuck them both. This makes no sense either, cos she clearly wants to fuck them, so why wait five years or refuse to come back in the first place? Although this is just the set up so it doesn’t matter.

I mean, if this was real, two on-duty officers abandoning their post to go fuck a girl wouldn’t go over too well, so I’ll try and lay off the nit-picking.

So it’s good that she’s already consented, and that the whole thing was kind of her idea, and we know she’s into it all the way through, because this is pretty heavily into ‘overpowered by two big strong men you can’t resist’ territory.

They go to an abandoned house in the middle of nowhere that is conveniently set up as a bondage sex dungeon – do the brothers make a habit of this? I’m also a bit weirded out by the idea of brothers having sex with the same woman at the same time, but maybe that’s just me. They have a vibrator as well – it is mentioned that her sister told them she was coming back to town, and they presumably set this up in preparation rather than just happen to carry one around with them when on duty.

So one uses the vibe on her while the other fucks her mouth – she describes this as ‘just what she needed’ and conveniently has no gag reflex at all.

I’ve mentioned in previous blog reviews how tedious I find a lot of blow job scenes where women who are just super good at them and love every second! Because that’s not my kink, but again, this is a fantasy so that this lady likes having two guys take turns fucking her mouth for ages without it hurting or getting lockjaw or anything…okay. This carries on when one brother – I didn’t pay any attention to which was which as they’re pretty interchangeable, but that doesn’t matter in a story like this – puts her on his lap and fucks her while the other continues fucking her mouth. I had a bit of trouble figuring out the logistics of this – she’s facing the brother on the chair, then leans back to suck the other’s dick – especially as she’s got her hands cuffed behind her back but let’s just assume he’s the right height she doesn’t have to crack her neck to do this.

Then she gets strapped onto a table while both of them fuck her, and while it’s a hot scene and well written, it’s waaaay too short and over really fast. But wait! One brother hasn’t come yet so there’s another cock sucking paragraph, then that’s it. (Bar a suggestion that they’ll do the same thing the next night, so I guess there’s no crime at all in this town and the family reunion she’s travelled all that way for isn’t supposed to take up any time.)

But that’s all snark. This was a pretty good read, I just wish it was a bit longer and with more fucking and less cock sucking.

Might give some of the writer’s other stuff a go – most of what I’ve seen so far is werewolf/vampire related, and I do love a bit of paranormal sexy times.



Review: “The Principal.”

‘The Principal’ by Lyric James

  • This story is another from the same line as the last I reviewed, which means the same set-up of a woman playing out a specific fantasy by engaging a ‘Pleasure Master’. I’m going to repeat how much I live this, cos it’s so simple and it works. I’ve read about people complaining that consent is not sexy, and they don’t like scenes being ‘shoe-horned in’ where consent is asked for and confirmed (apparently it isn’t ‘alpha’ to ask, which is so much bullshit it isn’t even true), but this series makes it easy – you know from the start that it’s role play, that there’s a safe word, that both parties are getting off on the scene, and that, in my opinion, makes it sexier. I’ve read arguments about this, and people always come out with “it’s just a fantasy, it doesn’t matter”, well, this is how you do a fantasy – establish it as one from the beginning, and then you don’t have to worry about it. I suspect I will keep coming back to this, especially as I’m drawn to female sub/male dom stories.
  • This time, the woman in question is Celeste Moore, a dedicated anaesthesiologist-in-training who, having put so much time and effort into her work, is in need of a little indulging of her sexual needs. I love the little detail that her mother would clearly rather she get married and pop out babies than be a doctor, despite Celeste having two sisters already following the traditional route (nothing wrong with that, but I can imagine the frustration of working so hard to achieve something so worthwhile, and having it brushed aside as, yeah yeah, but I want you to have babies and do nothing else, knowing full well a man wouldn’t get that, but he probably would get a load of shit for wanting to be a stay-at-home dad, and that’s just as nonsensical. Whoops, I’m getting political! Better get back to the sex…)
  • So, it’s Celeste’s birthday, and Victoria, the woman from the last story, has recommended the Pleasure Club to her. Celeste’s fantasy, as the title might spoiler, is about getting sent to the Principal’s office and punished in a sexy way. A pretty common fantasy, but it’s good to see it from the woman’s perspective, and have her instigate it by requesting this particular fantasy from the Pleasure Club.
  • I had a momentary twinge at the line “She’d always had fantasies about African American men,” because as a white writer I’ve always been told to be super careful doing this or it runs the risk of reducing ethnicity to a fetish. However, the author, Lyric James, is a woman of colour who, according to her bio, specialises in African American, multicultural and interracial romances, which puts it into a different context and makes this a subject I need to keep educating myself on.  Also, Celeste’s own ethnicity is never explicitly described, (other than she has auburn hair), and within the story, it’s more about her schoolgirl crush on her own high school principal that she obviously couldn’t ever act on.
  • She’s excited more than scared, which is good. There’s only so much I can take of timid virgins being ‘gifted’ their sexual awakening by a man. I like to read about women who know what they want and go out and get it! Only, you know, better written than that what I just said…
  • So, the guy, when she meets him is jaw-droppingly beautiful, no surprise. I got a bit confused when she describes his “caramel coloured skin made her think of a ripe, red apple,” because that makes it sound like his skin is both caramel coloured and bright red? I mean, yeah it’s obvious she means a caramel apple, and didn’t want to repeat the word, but wouldn’t “his skin made her think of a caramel apple” be a bit clearer there? Also, if people in general could stop using food as a describer of skin colour, that’d be good because it weirds me out a bit. Having said that, I love this list:

  • They get right into the role-play, (she wouldn’t co-operate in sex-ed class, so he’s going to punish her), and it jumps straight into why submission is exciting:

“Instead of feeling powerless and afraid, a tangible erotic thrill shot through her body.”

AKA why it’s so important to establish consent before starting.

  • Nitpick: missed a typo, where he ‘griped’ her panties instead of ‘gripped’ them. I know, I know, I’m a nerd. Why do I notice these things while reading a sexy spanking scene?
  • Then they move onto an ‘oral presentation’ where he carries on the sex-ed role play while giving her head, and it was really hot, though I was giggling a bit at him keeping up the running commentary until she comes.
  • Another blow-job scene. Nothing wrong with it, but I just don’t care all that much about reading about cock-sucking.
  • However, the build up to them finally fucking was really, really hot. The author knows how to prolong the tease without it getting overly drawn out, and then the actual fucking is really good too.
  • I notice there’s no safe sex in this (and there wasn’t in ‘The Cop’ either), but I suppose that’s covered with this being an arranged fantasy, i.e. that they would both have to be pass certain criteria before meeting.
  • She then falls asleep on his couch, which I thought was a bit weird, but I suppose it subverts the cliché of it being the man who passes out after sex. There’s a little coda where he left her his card, and an apple,which is sort of cute.
  • All in all, this was a little more playful than kinky, but it was super hot, just the right length (fnarr!) and both protagonists seemed like they were having fun throughout, definitely the sort of story I’d come back to. Maybe I need to adopt some sort of rating system? Or find a story I don’t like to review!

Link to the e-book here:


Review: “The Pleasure Club: The Cop.”

Thought I’d branch out a little by reviewing other erotic writings I’ve come across (pun intended?).

I’m starting off with short story “The Cop” by Anna Leigh Keaton, part of the  ‘Pleasure Club’ series in which characters act out their fantasies. This one involved a woman who wants to be interrogated by a sexy cop.

  • So, first of all, I love that these are clearly set out as women being in control, even if their fantasies are about submission or surrender, because it puts consent in the forefront of everything, right from the start. This means I can just enjoy reading the story without feeling uncomfortable, because its amazing how frequently this doesn’t happen. Or where the story is first person perspective, so we the reader know the character consents, but it’s never addressed in the story so instead I’m reading a scene where people don’t talk to each other about what they want or don’t want, and they just happen to psychically be in sync and have fantastic orgasms as if by magic. (Note to self: try and find, or write a story about psychics having sex without being in the same room, or magical practitioners using their powers to give each other orgasms just for fun).

On to the story.

  • I’m not a uniform fetishist, so I liked that it wasn’t all about that.
  • Also good, the heroine, Victoria Casey, being an adult in her thirties. Nothing against young characters, but it’s good to see representation of us ‘older’ ladies getting some action.
  • Another plus: no coy euphemisms. None of this ‘down there’ nonsense. Straight to the point with ‘cunt’, right from the start.
  • There was a good balance of fantasy and realism in this story, starting right away where she’s nervous at first, but quickly warms up to the idea and gets into her role, enjoying playing her part. We never find out who the guy ‘really’ is, but it’s pretty clear he likes his role too.
  • Less good – I’m so bored of reading about blow jobs. I have written them, and it’s fine to have the woman get off on pleasing a guy, but, when you have a woman describe sucking cock as “one of her greatest pleasures” I’m like, really? I suppose again, it’s about being in control even when you’re submitting, but blah blah blah.
  • There’s some spanking and then he fingers her til she comes, so another good point – this isn’t a story where her orgasm gets held off right til the end. Unless orgasm denial is your only kink, there’s no need to limit how many times a character comes.
  • Another realistic bit is where he throws her over his shoulder, it’s uncomfortable and she thinks “this was a lot sexier in movies than in real life.”
  • Unrealistic (but this is basically porn, so kind of expected) – he’s hard again in like, five minutes. He doesn’t even need to be at this point, as there’s a brief (but hot) whipping scene and he gives her head before they fuck.
  • This is a petty one, because it’s just about my personal reaction, but when he’s eating her out, the phrase “he slurped her cream” got more of an ‘eurgh’ than an ‘mmmm’ from me. Slurped? Is that sexy?
  • The fucking was hot, can’t fault her writing here!
  • There’s a brief post-coital scene that wraps it up nicely too. While ‘wham bam, thank you ma’am’ has its place, I like that this dealt with how she felt afterwards (hint: she’s pretty satisfied!)
  • Tl;dr Liked the role-play aspect, sex was hot, always love a story that focuses on the woman enjoying herself in a realistic way, as opposed to the phallocentric kind of porn where it’s all about his dick and she just comes no matter what.

I’ll be reading more in this range, maybe some others too.

I should probably link to where I bought this e-book, for those who want to read it themselves:

Euphemisms, (or how I learned to stop worrying and love my lady garden/laa-laa/foof/hoo-haa)

So, here’s the thing about writing sex scenes. While it can be a lot of fun, there is the issue of what words to use, especially those for, you know… body parts.

Let me say first of all that I love euphemisms. LOVE them. They’re hilarious. I share lists like these with everyone:

Because they’re brilliantly bonkers (although I don’t believe anyone actually calls their vajayjay ‘Benedict Cumberbatch’ or refers to their joystick as ‘Simon Cowell’. I don’t believe even Simon Cowell would do that), but therein lies the rub.

Unless you’re writing a comedy sex scene, or have characters who talk that way (i.e. you’re writing Inbetweeners slash fiction), using names like these are more likely to break the mood than set it.

I don’t know about you, but if a guy wanted to introduce me to his ‘custard launcher’ ‘hungry caterpillar’ or ‘yoghurt slinger’ I’d be more likely to collapse in helpless laughter or vomit in disgust than want to get better acquainted. (Although ‘Mjolnir’ and ‘Sir Cummingsworth The Majestic’ might work…) Likewise, I’ve never met a real-life woman who’d use the word ‘clunge’ in a sexy situation. Does anyone actually find that a turn-on?

But on the flip side, you don’t want to be too vague or coy when you’re writing an explicit sex scene. I’d only use the phrase ‘my sex’ if I was writing about a particularly sheltered character, or a period piece (by which I mean set in the past, not sex during menstruation, which has its own set of euphemisms).

So how crude do you go? ‘Cunt’ is too much for some people, but it could make a scene hotter, the same way that ‘fucking’ can be hotter than just plain ‘having sex’. Or anything on this list:

I mean, some of these are pretty funny, but they’re not exactly sexy, unless you get turned on by snorting with laughter (and a lot of them are annoyingly heteronormative).

And then there’s the issue of using words that mean different things in different countries, or don’t translate. For example, as a Brit, if I wrote a woman talking about her fanny, I’d mean vagina (which is a word I’d only use if a character was visiting her gynecologist). But to an American, using fanny in a sex scene would imply anal sex, right?

I have been thinking about expanding my repertoire. I’m thinking about writing a story set in the 18th century, so I might have to be a bit more imaginative there as I generally use the same words, (cock, dick, pussy, cunt), so as not to break the mood. I once read a short story which was getting pretty hot until the male character used the phrase ‘shagging bone’ to describe his penis. I mean, it was meant to be funny, but really? Doesn’t exactly make a woman melt with lust, surely? Although each to their own, I suppose…

(As I was writing this, ‘Pour Some Sugar on Me’ by Def Leppard came on the radio. Must be fate.)

Just a taste…

Thought I’d share a sample of my eBook ‘Bride’:

“The dress was perfect. It fit like a dream, with a beautiful embroidered bodice, then smooth, silky material that flowed over my hips to the floor. The lingerie beneath made the most of my natural assets, giving my boobs a boost while holding my stomach in. I didn’t usually wear stockings and suspenders, so they’d taken a while to get right, but they added to the effect, making me feel sexier. Should a bride feel sexy? Hell yeah. Why not? The diamond glinting on my finger didn’t stop me being a woman. Now all I needed was a groom.

There was a knock on the dressing room door.

“Sarah? You ready, love?”

“Yeah, hold on.”

One last glance in the mirror. Hair styled but still looking natural. Gorgeous. Makeup minimal but giving me a glow, like a real bride. Perfect.

I opened the door and glided back into the basement studio, where Dan, the photographer, waited. I still hadn’t met the “groom” for this photo shoot yet, but Dan had reassured me he was a pro and that there wouldn’t be any problems, what with this being my first bridal shoot. Usually I did catalogs, promo shoots, that kind of thing. I still found it hard to believe this was my job; I hadn’t planned on becoming a model, and it’d taken a while to get used to the whole thing. In my previous life, I could go days without brushing my hair or even looking in a mirror. Now I had a professional hair-and-makeup woman to turn me into something worthy of gracing a magazine cover.

Angela gave me a quick once-over, rearranging strands of my dark hair, brushing imaginary dirt from the dress, before she deemed me ready and presented me to Dan. He looked me up and down, then gave me a cheeky grin, one I imagine charmed a lot of girls out of their knickers and into his bed. Not really my type—well, there was the one time, but that doesn’t count. That was just a drunken shag after work. It wasn’t that he wasn’t hot. He had a runner’s physique, striking blue eyes, and a lovely arse, but…I don’t know. Overly flirty types don’t usually make good boyfriends, and then there was the hair, or to be precise, the work he put into it. Artful bedhead was probably the best term to use. Usually black, although he sometimes put highlights in it. No one was allowed to touch it, not even during sex, and I swear there were times he got the makeup artists to touch up his hair before letting them work on the models. That cheeky grin, though…

“Gorgeous,” he told me. “J’s not here yet, so we’ll get on with some solo shots until he finally makes it, yeah?”

I nodded, letting Dan direct me into place, relaxing now that things were under way. I smiled, posed, did whatever Dan asked me to do, and was starting to feel completely calm and confident until the door to the little studio opened and—fucking hell, I didn’t know men could be that hot. I mean, I knew he was a male model and all that, but I’d worked with a fair few and none ever had this impact on me.

Dan caught my double take, turned to see, and grinned.

“About fucking time! What time d’you call this, mate?”

“Sorry. Bus was cancelled,” replied the Greek god in the doorway. “I would’ve gotten the Tube, but it’s not easy, is it? Finding your way around London, I mean.”

I tried to look away, to stop myself from reacting like a schoolgirl confronted with her favorite boy band, but a hot blush still spread across my cheeks.

“Sarah, this is your groom for the day.” Dan turned back to me, still grinning. “Jack, may I introduce your bride?”

He came over. Even dressed in jeans and a T-shirt, he was the most ridiculously good-looking man I’d ever seen, and it took all the control I had to keep myself from just staring at him. Or jumping his bones then and there. He really was that hot.

I held out my hand.

“All right?”

He took it, raised it to his lips, and kissed the back of my hand.

“Enchanted, madame.”

Oh my fucking God. Is he for real? A little jolt shot through me as his lips brushed my skin. How could something so small turn me on so much? My nipples started to swell, pressing against my bodice, and I began to moisten between my legs. But I couldn’t let him know that, not yet.

“Don’t think you can charm me that easily,” I retorted. “We’re waiting on you to start, you know.”

Dan laughed.

“That’s you told! Seems you’ll have to work a damn sight harder to impress our Sarah, hey?”

Jack smiled at me, and I knew he wasn’t fooled.


He winked at me, then headed for the dressing room, grabbing the suit that was hanging up as he went by. Angela collected her makeup kit—I’d forgotten she was even in the room—and busied herself picking out what she needed for Jack while Dan turned his attention back to me.

“Right. Let’s finish up here, and when His Nibs is finally ready, we can do the shoot proper, okay?”

I nodded, raising the bouquet and plastering a smile back on my face. Remember you’re at work, girl. Perve on the fit bloke when the job’s done.”

Hope you like!

And if you do, ‘Bride’ is available here:

and here:

and here:



My first time (in print)

So, my eBook is out now, but I have flirted with sexy writings before and thought I’d share.

Anyone remember this?

Published June 2007

If you don’t, there was a mag-within-a mag called ‘Cliterature’, which, as you might have guessed, featured sexy stories. In June 2007, it published my short story “Where There’s Smoke…”

Artwork by Anthony Peters

Where There’s Smoke…

I inhale voraciously, the harsh smoke makes me feel better as it hits my lungs.

He’s late. Bastard. He’s always late, making me wait; who does he think he is?

Is that him now? Nah, too scruffy. Cute though. Dark messy hair, baggy jeans,t-shirt that’s just tight enough to show off the beginnings of a six-pack. He’s coming over.

“Can I have one of those?” the guy asks, indicating the pack of Marlboro’s in my hand.

I blow out a cloud of smoke as I meet his eyes. Pretty eyes. I’m always a sucker for pretty  eyes. He’s checking me out too, even though he’s pretending not to.

“I don’t give anything away for free,” I reply.

He pats his pockets to show how empty they are, although I can see the bulge of his wallet in his jeans pocket. Or maybe he really is just pleased to see me.

“No money,” he explains. “Poor student, I’m afraid.”

I snort. Big surprise.

“Another bloody student.”

“You don’t like students? Why not?”

“You all talk too much. All mouth and no trousers.”

He grins, and I can’t help but think he has full lips, for a guy. Kissable lips.

“You think so? Tell you what, give us a fag, and I’ll show you just what I can do with my mouth.”

I blink, taken by surprise by his directness.


“I’ll swap you. A fag for an orgasm.”

“You don’t mess about, do you?”

He doesn’t reply, just holds out his hand, palm upwards, expectant.

Ah, what the hell. Don’t get offers like that every day.

I pass over a cigarette, and he puts it in his back pocket.

“I’m Henry, by the way.”


“Come on Nat. Time for your end of the bargain.”

He wanders off into the park.

“So if you don’t make me come, do I get my fag back?” I ask, following. He doesn’t reply, just grins again, and I can’t deny he really is gorgeous. Even if he is a  scruffy student.

He leads me to a corner of the park I didn’t even know existed; a shady spot lined with  trees. He stops underneath one and pulls me to him, those full, kissable lips pressing  against mine as he pushes me back against the tree. I feel the rough bark scrape my skin  through my shirt as he slides his tongue into my mouth, his hands moving over my  breasts with a light, sensual caress. Then they head downwards, over my body until they  reach the hem of my skirt. He draws it up, right to my waist, then he stops kissing me and steps back a little. That grin’s back on his face, the devilish, dangerous sexy look that’s  intensifying with desire.

I’ve never done this before. Never just picked up a guy and started fooling around with  him, especially not in a public place. The thought turns me on, but I glance around;  anyone could walk by and see us. I mean, my skirt’s up around my waist and now he’s  tugging at my knickers, pulling them down so I can step out of them, kneeling at my feet. Then I see those beautiful lips of his part and I stop caring about whether anyone can see  us and I want him.

He opens my legs, moving his mouth closer to me and I close my eyes, the anticipation  almost more than I can bear. And then he touches me, his hands grasping my hips, his  scruffy curls tickling my skin as I feel his warm breath against me.

I position myself before him, open, ready, as his mouth makes contact. I let my head fall  back against the tree, reaching up to grip a branch for support as the pleasure begins.

His tongue traces an invisible pattern between my thighs, a teasing trail and I gasp aloud  at how good it feels. At first he’s slow, taking his time, exploring me, but then he moves  further upwards and his tongue begins to circle in a manner that makes me feel like I  might explode.

Oh man, this is amazing. No-one’s ever given me head this good before.

I open my eyes, glancing around to see if anyone’s come by, but we’re alone.

Imagine if someone did walk past, and they saw us like this; Henry on his knees with his  face buried in my lap. Impossibly, this thought turns me on even more.

I move my hand down and tangle it in Henry’s hair, guiding him so that his tongue hits my clitoris and I moan again, feeling my orgasm build and build. I grip the back of his head as his tongue swirls and quivers against me, guiding me towards climax.

Then it hits me, like a wave crashing over me, drenching my skin in pleasure. My nipples  are throbbing, my breath coming hard and fast and I cry out, my knees actually shaking at the intensity of my orgasm. If I wasn’t holding onto the tree I think I might have fallen  down.

For a moment, I can’t move, pinned in place by the satisfaction Henry’s given me, but  then he pulls away, standing up and grinning at the sight of me, dishevelled and panting.

I tug my skirt down and he picks up my discarded knickers, passing them to me.

“Can I tell you something?” he asks, watching me smooth my hair, straighten my clothing as I come down from that incredible orgasm.


He grins once more, his eyes twinkling.

“I don’t smoke.”

Hope you like!

And if you do, check out my eBook, ‘Bride’, which can be found here:

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Welcome to the blogsphere

So, I got published! It’s an eBook, 5k words but I’m really excited. If you want to read it, you can find it on the Cobblestone Press website:

I might post some excerpts here later, just to give a taste of what to expect. (You can read the beginning of the story on the webpage before buying).

I freely admit that when it comes to blogging, I have no idea what I’m doing. This page is probably a mess! Hopefully I’ll get better as I go.

I’m on Twitter as well: @Aedre_Cantrell. Pop by and say hi!

I will try and write something more interesting next time… 😉