Review “Bad Cop, Bad Cop”

Bad Cop, Bad Cop by Sable Grey

So this one was a fun fantasy!

Unlike previous reviews, this isn’t a Pleasure Club story so there’s no introduction setting it up, but there is a brief bit of exposition – Alise is returning to where she grew up in Mississippi for a family reunion and is hoping that she’ll bump into Evan and Greg, two brothers- and both her exes – who are now cops in her old town.

I liked that they already knew each other – and she’s presumably already had sex with them both? – but had separate lives now that Alise lives in Chicago, so they felt they could be uninhibited and act out their fantasies.

One minor quibble I had with this set up is that when she left home, she told the brothers she’d never come back (Why? We never find out. She clearly gets on okay with her family and isn’t running from anything, but hey.) They insist she will come back, and she says if she does she’ll fuck them both. This makes no sense either, cos she clearly wants to fuck them, so why wait five years or refuse to come back in the first place? Although this is just the set up so it doesn’t matter.

I mean, if this was real, two on-duty officers abandoning their post to go fuck a girl wouldn’t go over too well, so I’ll try and lay off the nit-picking.

So it’s good that she’s already consented, and that the whole thing was kind of her idea, and we know she’s into it all the way through, because this is pretty heavily into ‘overpowered by two big strong men you can’t resist’ territory.

They go to an abandoned house in the middle of nowhere that is conveniently set up as a bondage sex dungeon – do the brothers make a habit of this? I’m also a bit weirded out by the idea of brothers having sex with the same woman at the same time, but maybe that’s just me. They have a vibrator as well – it is mentioned that her sister told them she was coming back to town, and they presumably set this up in preparation rather than just happen to carry one around with them when on duty.

So one uses the vibe on her while the other fucks her mouth – she describes this as ‘just what she needed’ and conveniently has no gag reflex at all.

I’ve mentioned in previous blog reviews how tedious I find a lot of blow job scenes where women who are just super good at them and love every second! Because that’s not my kink, but again, this is a fantasy so that this lady likes having two guys take turns fucking her mouth for ages without it hurting or getting lockjaw or anything…okay. This carries on when one brother – I didn’t pay any attention to which was which as they’re pretty interchangeable, but that doesn’t matter in a story like this – puts her on his lap and fucks her while the other continues fucking her mouth. I had a bit of trouble figuring out the logistics of this – she’s facing the brother on the chair, then leans back to suck the other’s dick – especially as she’s got her hands cuffed behind her back but let’s just assume he’s the right height she doesn’t have to crack her neck to do this.

Then she gets strapped onto a table while both of them fuck her, and while it’s a hot scene and well written, it’s waaaay too short and over really fast. But wait! One brother hasn’t come yet so there’s another cock sucking paragraph, then that’s it. (Bar a suggestion that they’ll do the same thing the next night, so I guess there’s no crime at all in this town and the family reunion she’s travelled all that way for isn’t supposed to take up any time.)

But that’s all snark. This was a pretty good read, I just wish it was a bit longer and with more fucking and less cock sucking.

Might give some of the writer’s other stuff a go – most of what I’ve seen so far is werewolf/vampire related, and I do love a bit of paranormal sexy times.



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