Review: “The Principal.”

‘The Principal’ by Lyric James

  • This story is another from the same line as the last I reviewed, which means the same set-up of a woman playing out a specific fantasy by engaging a ‘Pleasure Master’. I’m going to repeat how much I live this, cos it’s so simple and it works. I’ve read about people complaining that consent is not sexy, and they don’t like scenes being ‘shoe-horned in’ where consent is asked for and confirmed (apparently it isn’t ‘alpha’ to ask, which is so much bullshit it isn’t even true), but this series makes it easy – you know from the start that it’s role play, that there’s a safe word, that both parties are getting off on the scene, and that, in my opinion, makes it sexier. I’ve read arguments about this, and people always come out with “it’s just a fantasy, it doesn’t matter”, well, this is how you do a fantasy – establish it as one from the beginning, and then you don’t have to worry about it. I suspect I will keep coming back to this, especially as I’m drawn to female sub/male dom stories.
  • This time, the woman in question is Celeste Moore, a dedicated anaesthesiologist-in-training who, having put so much time and effort into her work, is in need of a little indulging of her sexual needs. I love the little detail that her mother would clearly rather she get married and pop out babies than be a doctor, despite Celeste having two sisters already following the traditional route (nothing wrong with that, but I can imagine the frustration of working so hard to achieve something so worthwhile, and having it brushed aside as, yeah yeah, but I want you to have babies and do nothing else, knowing full well a man wouldn’t get that, but he probably would get a load of shit for wanting to be a stay-at-home dad, and that’s just as nonsensical. Whoops, I’m getting political! Better get back to the sex…)
  • So, it’s Celeste’s birthday, and Victoria, the woman from the last story, has recommended the Pleasure Club to her. Celeste’s fantasy, as the title might spoiler, is about getting sent to the Principal’s office and punished in a sexy way. A pretty common fantasy, but it’s good to see it from the woman’s perspective, and have her instigate it by requesting this particular fantasy from the Pleasure Club.
  • I had a momentary twinge at the line “She’d always had fantasies about African American men,” because as a white writer I’ve always been told to be super careful doing this or it runs the risk of reducing ethnicity to a fetish. However, the author, Lyric James, is a woman of colour who, according to her bio, specialises in African American, multicultural and interracial romances, which puts it into a different context and makes this a subject I need to keep educating myself on.  Also, Celeste’s own ethnicity is never explicitly described, (other than she has auburn hair), and within the story, it’s more about her schoolgirl crush on her own high school principal that she obviously couldn’t ever act on.
  • She’s excited more than scared, which is good. There’s only so much I can take of timid virgins being ‘gifted’ their sexual awakening by a man. I like to read about women who know what they want and go out and get it! Only, you know, better written than that what I just said…
  • So, the guy, when she meets him is jaw-droppingly beautiful, no surprise. I got a bit confused when she describes his “caramel coloured skin made her think of a ripe, red apple,” because that makes it sound like his skin is both caramel coloured and bright red? I mean, yeah it’s obvious she means a caramel apple, and didn’t want to repeat the word, but wouldn’t “his skin made her think of a caramel apple” be a bit clearer there? Also, if people in general could stop using food as a describer of skin colour, that’d be good because it weirds me out a bit. Having said that, I love this list:

  • They get right into the role-play, (she wouldn’t co-operate in sex-ed class, so he’s going to punish her), and it jumps straight into why submission is exciting:

“Instead of feeling powerless and afraid, a tangible erotic thrill shot through her body.”

AKA why it’s so important to establish consent before starting.

  • Nitpick: missed a typo, where he ‘griped’ her panties instead of ‘gripped’ them. I know, I know, I’m a nerd. Why do I notice these things while reading a sexy spanking scene?
  • Then they move onto an ‘oral presentation’ where he carries on the sex-ed role play while giving her head, and it was really hot, though I was giggling a bit at him keeping up the running commentary until she comes.
  • Another blow-job scene. Nothing wrong with it, but I just don’t care all that much about reading about cock-sucking.
  • However, the build up to them finally fucking was really, really hot. The author knows how to prolong the tease without it getting overly drawn out, and then the actual fucking is really good too.
  • I notice there’s no safe sex in this (and there wasn’t in ‘The Cop’ either), but I suppose that’s covered with this being an arranged fantasy, i.e. that they would both have to be pass certain criteria before meeting.
  • She then falls asleep on his couch, which I thought was a bit weird, but I suppose it subverts the cliché of it being the man who passes out after sex. There’s a little coda where he left her his card, and an apple,which is sort of cute.
  • All in all, this was a little more playful than kinky, but it was super hot, just the right length (fnarr!) and both protagonists seemed like they were having fun throughout, definitely the sort of story I’d come back to. Maybe I need to adopt some sort of rating system? Or find a story I don’t like to review!

Link to the e-book here:



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