Review: “The Pleasure Club: The Cop.”

Thought I’d branch out a little by reviewing other erotic writings I’ve come across (pun intended?).

I’m starting off with short story “The Cop” by Anna Leigh Keaton, part of the  ‘Pleasure Club’ series in which characters act out their fantasies. This one involved a woman who wants to be interrogated by a sexy cop.

  • So, first of all, I love that these are clearly set out as women being in control, even if their fantasies are about submission or surrender, because it puts consent in the forefront of everything, right from the start. This means I can just enjoy reading the story without feeling uncomfortable, because its amazing how frequently this doesn’t happen. Or where the story is first person perspective, so we the reader know the character consents, but it’s never addressed in the story so instead I’m reading a scene where people don’t talk to each other about what they want or don’t want, and they just happen to psychically be in sync and have fantastic orgasms as if by magic. (Note to self: try and find, or write a story about psychics having sex without being in the same room, or magical practitioners using their powers to give each other orgasms just for fun).

On to the story.

  • I’m not a uniform fetishist, so I liked that it wasn’t all about that.
  • Also good, the heroine, Victoria Casey, being an adult in her thirties. Nothing against young characters, but it’s good to see representation of us ‘older’ ladies getting some action.
  • Another plus: no coy euphemisms. None of this ‘down there’ nonsense. Straight to the point with ‘cunt’, right from the start.
  • There was a good balance of fantasy and realism in this story, starting right away where she’s nervous at first, but quickly warms up to the idea and gets into her role, enjoying playing her part. We never find out who the guy ‘really’ is, but it’s pretty clear he likes his role too.
  • Less good – I’m so bored of reading about blow jobs. I have written them, and it’s fine to have the woman get off on pleasing a guy, but, when you have a woman describe sucking cock as “one of her greatest pleasures” I’m like, really? I suppose again, it’s about being in control even when you’re submitting, but blah blah blah.
  • There’s some spanking and then he fingers her til she comes, so another good point – this isn’t a story where her orgasm gets held off right til the end. Unless orgasm denial is your only kink, there’s no need to limit how many times a character comes.
  • Another realistic bit is where he throws her over his shoulder, it’s uncomfortable and she thinks “this was a lot sexier in movies than in real life.”
  • Unrealistic (but this is basically porn, so kind of expected) – he’s hard again in like, five minutes. He doesn’t even need to be at this point, as there’s a brief (but hot) whipping scene and he gives her head before they fuck.
  • This is a petty one, because it’s just about my personal reaction, but when he’s eating her out, the phrase “he slurped her cream” got more of an ‘eurgh’ than an ‘mmmm’ from me. Slurped? Is that sexy?
  • The fucking was hot, can’t fault her writing here!
  • There’s a brief post-coital scene that wraps it up nicely too. While ‘wham bam, thank you ma’am’ has its place, I like that this dealt with how she felt afterwards (hint: she’s pretty satisfied!)
  • Tl;dr Liked the role-play aspect, sex was hot, always love a story that focuses on the woman enjoying herself in a realistic way, as opposed to the phallocentric kind of porn where it’s all about his dick and she just comes no matter what.

I’ll be reading more in this range, maybe some others too.

I should probably link to where I bought this e-book, for those who want to read it themselves:


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