Just a taste…

Thought I’d share a sample of my eBook ‘Bride’:

“The dress was perfect. It fit like a dream, with a beautiful embroidered bodice, then smooth, silky material that flowed over my hips to the floor. The lingerie beneath made the most of my natural assets, giving my boobs a boost while holding my stomach in. I didn’t usually wear stockings and suspenders, so they’d taken a while to get right, but they added to the effect, making me feel sexier. Should a bride feel sexy? Hell yeah. Why not? The diamond glinting on my finger didn’t stop me being a woman. Now all I needed was a groom.

There was a knock on the dressing room door.

“Sarah? You ready, love?”

“Yeah, hold on.”

One last glance in the mirror. Hair styled but still looking natural. Gorgeous. Makeup minimal but giving me a glow, like a real bride. Perfect.

I opened the door and glided back into the basement studio, where Dan, the photographer, waited. I still hadn’t met the “groom” for this photo shoot yet, but Dan had reassured me he was a pro and that there wouldn’t be any problems, what with this being my first bridal shoot. Usually I did catalogs, promo shoots, that kind of thing. I still found it hard to believe this was my job; I hadn’t planned on becoming a model, and it’d taken a while to get used to the whole thing. In my previous life, I could go days without brushing my hair or even looking in a mirror. Now I had a professional hair-and-makeup woman to turn me into something worthy of gracing a magazine cover.

Angela gave me a quick once-over, rearranging strands of my dark hair, brushing imaginary dirt from the dress, before she deemed me ready and presented me to Dan. He looked me up and down, then gave me a cheeky grin, one I imagine charmed a lot of girls out of their knickers and into his bed. Not really my type—well, there was the one time, but that doesn’t count. That was just a drunken shag after work. It wasn’t that he wasn’t hot. He had a runner’s physique, striking blue eyes, and a lovely arse, but…I don’t know. Overly flirty types don’t usually make good boyfriends, and then there was the hair, or to be precise, the work he put into it. Artful bedhead was probably the best term to use. Usually black, although he sometimes put highlights in it. No one was allowed to touch it, not even during sex, and I swear there were times he got the makeup artists to touch up his hair before letting them work on the models. That cheeky grin, though…

“Gorgeous,” he told me. “J’s not here yet, so we’ll get on with some solo shots until he finally makes it, yeah?”

I nodded, letting Dan direct me into place, relaxing now that things were under way. I smiled, posed, did whatever Dan asked me to do, and was starting to feel completely calm and confident until the door to the little studio opened and—fucking hell, I didn’t know men could be that hot. I mean, I knew he was a male model and all that, but I’d worked with a fair few and none ever had this impact on me.

Dan caught my double take, turned to see, and grinned.

“About fucking time! What time d’you call this, mate?”

“Sorry. Bus was cancelled,” replied the Greek god in the doorway. “I would’ve gotten the Tube, but it’s not easy, is it? Finding your way around London, I mean.”

I tried to look away, to stop myself from reacting like a schoolgirl confronted with her favorite boy band, but a hot blush still spread across my cheeks.

“Sarah, this is your groom for the day.” Dan turned back to me, still grinning. “Jack, may I introduce your bride?”

He came over. Even dressed in jeans and a T-shirt, he was the most ridiculously good-looking man I’d ever seen, and it took all the control I had to keep myself from just staring at him. Or jumping his bones then and there. He really was that hot.

I held out my hand.

“All right?”

He took it, raised it to his lips, and kissed the back of my hand.

“Enchanted, madame.”

Oh my fucking God. Is he for real? A little jolt shot through me as his lips brushed my skin. How could something so small turn me on so much? My nipples started to swell, pressing against my bodice, and I began to moisten between my legs. But I couldn’t let him know that, not yet.

“Don’t think you can charm me that easily,” I retorted. “We’re waiting on you to start, you know.”

Dan laughed.

“That’s you told! Seems you’ll have to work a damn sight harder to impress our Sarah, hey?”

Jack smiled at me, and I knew he wasn’t fooled.


He winked at me, then headed for the dressing room, grabbing the suit that was hanging up as he went by. Angela collected her makeup kit—I’d forgotten she was even in the room—and busied herself picking out what she needed for Jack while Dan turned his attention back to me.

“Right. Let’s finish up here, and when His Nibs is finally ready, we can do the shoot proper, okay?”

I nodded, raising the bouquet and plastering a smile back on my face. Remember you’re at work, girl. Perve on the fit bloke when the job’s done.”

Hope you like!

And if you do, ‘Bride’ is available here:


and here:


and here:





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